In the emerging high-tec moment we live, the concept of memory and archive alter the process of maintaining the social, human and natural history of people and their territories.

The constant evolution of cities, their streets, their people and the growing social mutation they suffer need a space of documentation, maintenance and preservation of memory.

The way we socialize with technology imposes us a constant lack of maintenance of the senses, the touch, the smell, among others.

And they stimulate a greater sensory distance from the other and that which surrounds, circumscribes and limits our radius of visual perception.

It fosters a more superficial relation to the matter we assimilate.




The Archive is a practice in the form of residency creative experience, contributing to the consolidation of memory and its documentation.

It promotes a sensorial resource that encourages physical socialization and the creation of close ties with the community in which it operates.

It is constantly a space of investigation and production for the common.

It is born in the Parish of Campanh√£ in Oporto and it prefigures the place where it is as starting point to act.

With the people of which we are a part.
From the streets that still smell of places.
Of the places where the stories live.
Voices and faces that are still Porto.